The Company


We, TÜNDE’s Management Company (T.M.C.) is one of the largest and well established property  managment services company in Budapest since 1999.

Most of our clients are families from abroad,  who invested in our city a long  time  ago, by purchase an apartment  in  the beggining as a residence for  their children during  their studies in one of the local universities, and after  that, let our firm manage it as an investment for them.



We have a large selection of apartments for rent, most of them located in the areas 5,6,7,8 of the Pest side of Budapest. All the apartments are furnised and fully equipped, including linens, cookware etc.

We have all kind of apartments in different sizes/ prices, 1,2,3,4 bedrooms and suites.

There is a central or home heating systems in all the apartments. In some of them there is also airconditioning system.

The company’s technical department provides a quick solution to any malfunction or problem.

Discovered in any apartment.

Each month we issue to each tenant an invoice which include the rental fee,the common cost fees, and the utilities based on the photographs of the consumer watches that he send to us.

The payment can be made B&B or in the company’s office, open every day 09:00-18:00 ( Friday till 15:00).

We try to provide good service and personal attention to each of the tenants, most of them are students from abroad.

We assist and guide them in every thing related arranging a student visa from the immigration department, if it’s needed.


If you are an owner of an apartment, we hereby propose you to consider positively to let us manage for you from now and on your apartment and join hundreds of long-term ( 20 years) and satisfied customers, who give us their trust.



We do everything possible to keep our client’s property in good condition, including the furniture and the equipment. Our fixing technical department provides service immidiately upon notice from the tenant regarding any need.


We take care to insure every apartment, in order to cover property damages, third parties, liabilities, fire, burglary etc. , while taking into account not to purchase double insurance, since the building managment company insures the entire building simultaneously for various damages, and then we greatly reduce the cost of the insurance policy.

Also, we have a very good and cheap helth policy which is approved by the immigration authorities in Hungary. The insurance agent speaks also hebrew.



Our firm have a lot of experience with renting apartments to students from abroard.

Becouse of our good –long term relationships with keypersonnel in the relevant departments in the universities, which mainly teach in english and german language, we are directed to high quality foreign students with high protected any payment ethics, as well as maintain the integrity of the property and it’s cleaninsess.

We make sure to receive from the renter monthly the photo of the meters clocks, collcet the rent, house taxes and the current consuption fees, pay to the service providers, make the calculation , send them the bills and transfer the rental fees to the the owner , offset by the management fee at the rate of 10%. + VAT

In additional we charge the owner first rental month fee for finding a good tenant , make a negotiation, signing the contract with the student on behalf of the owner, take care with everything which involve with arrenging the student stay comfortable and in term of immigration authorities etc.

Also we take care with the check-in/check-out, and also take care to charge the renter two months rental fees as a depost, to ensure the rent fees payments on time , and the cover of the damages and missings if it will be discovered by us in the check-out process.

Eviction of Non-Paying Tenant

In case of non-payment or breach of the Lease Agreement, Tünde's property management team will represent your interests. Payment notices will be delivered and if necessary, eviction is handled with the assistance of our legal partners.


We have also a department,that deals with short-term rent all year, or just during the summer seasion (9-10 months long- term rent and 2-3 months short-term rent) which increes the income for the owner much more as well.
This transaction can take place only for renovated and highly equipped apartments.



The prospective of each of the tenant checked by us before signing the agreement with him. In case of breach of any terms or conditions mantioned in the agrement, we will give the tenant an upfront notice , and if the violation continus , asking our legal consultans to professionaly address the problem.


We take care to change the key, in case of a new tenant, update the list of movable apartment, take measurements of consumer  watches, provide towels and bedding and put the apartment in resonable condition to the renter. The same in the process of check-out. In case of leaving  the  apartment , we arrange setting accounts with the tenant, make sure to get it back clean, and with  any loss or damage, and if it’s needs we deduce  the apropriate amount from the deposited charging  in our hands as a security.


Some of our satisfied clients, over the years, bought more apartments that we recommended to them in good locations, an investment that received for them relatively a favorable returns.

From time to time this or that client would like to sell his apartment or buy another one. Some of the sellers made already a qualified appraisal assessment report at their own expenses. If you have any interest to sell or buy, we can help you a lot with it, becouse we have a lot of experience, connections and knowledge in this market. In some cases , we accept to buy by our selves an apartment if it feeds our needs.


The process of buying or selling will include:

  • Valuations by experts - comparative analysis
  • Legal Advice - Connection with expert lawyers specialized in property law

Marketing Your Property

  • Preparing the property (facelift, cleaning, photos, floorplan)
  • Finding the Buyer through extensive marketing channels
  • Viewings - Professional presentation of your property

The Sales Process

  • Negotiation of the asking price
  • Preparing the documents for contracting - Legal advice
  • Assistance in finances
  • Well-documented handover


We may, if necessary, arrange for you the services of a certified public accountant. If you have a hungarian company who own an aprtment, it’s very important becouse of the new rules. The best is to consider positivly to close the company after transfer the apartment’s ownership to any family private person, in order to save much money every year for the accounting services fees. We would like to emphasize that any income from rent any partment located in Hungary taxbel in Hungary (15%) our legal adviser and our CPA can help you also with this issue


We offer a small or large renovation department which employs proffesional and reliable workers, builders, electricians, plumbers and painters, affordabel prices and timelines.


If you are an owner of an apartment that wants a veteran and professional company to manage your apartment or if you are a student who wants to rent an apartment in Budapest for a short or long period. All according to your needs and budget. You can find us as the best solution for you.