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TÜNDE's Management Company

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For over 15 years, TÜNDE's Management Company. (TMC) has been serving an international clientel of apartment owners and tenants in Budapest.

Specializing in long-term rentals and property management, the Hungarian firm offers a full-suite of real estate services for both landlords and tenants.

Our portfolio includes over 150 properties, and ranges from cozy studios, classical apartments and modernized luxury suites.

Over the years TMC has cemented itself as a reputable leader in the Hungarian real estate sector, and continues to provide reliable management and assistance, to an international clientele of property investors and landlords in Budapest.

Full-Service Property Management

Rental property is a smart investment, but the realities of running and maintaining a rental property, or multiple rental properties, can quickly become overwhelming, especially for foreign investors who are not familiar with the local market.

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